For Ninjas

Hacker Academy:
Be a Hacker Ninja

Will train you like crazy to get your hands dirty in the field of hacking. Take note, this is legal and practice machines will make you suffer and learn to the great extent!

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For Filipinos

Public Workshops:
Hacking for Everyone

Conducting hands-on hacking workshops for every Filipinos in Metro Manila. This workshop has been visited by many people from every part of the Philippines.

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For Enthusiasts

Hacker Manual:
Hands on Hacking Book

This is for people who want to learn ethical hacking hands-on, from zero to advance. You can buy this for as low as $15. Get it now before its too late.

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For Everyone

Hackuna Anti-Hack
Mobile App for Security

The world’s first mobile app that can block and track hackers within a public free WiFi. You can now connect to free WiFi, peacefully!

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World's First Application that Track Hackers.

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